IEEE P802.3bj 100 Gb/s Backplane and Copper Cable Task Force
Channel Data

Package Data    
Submitted to IEEE P802.3ba Project
Backplane Channel Data    
Connector Concept Backplane Channels
     Short Link (18-Feb 11, 4.3M)
     Long Link (18-Feb 11, 4.3M)
     Reference - Update to Jan-11 Presentation (11-Feb 11, 400k)
Vittal Balasubramanian FCI
100 Gb/s Measured Backplane Channels
     27 In Backplane Channel     (01-Apr 11, 4.4M)
     Reference                                 (17-Mar 11,  96k)
     Update - 27 In Backplane Channel     (12-May 11, 3.3M)
     Update - Reference    (12-May 11,  93k)
Megha Shanbhag TE Connectivity
100 Gb/s Simulated Backplane Channels
     All Files (28-Apr-11  40.0M)
          29.8 In - Megtron 6 (28-Apr-11  10.0M)
          29.8 In - 4000-6 (28-Apr-11  10.0M)
          42.8 In - Megtron 6 (28-Apr-11  10.0M)
          42.8 In - 4000-6 (28-Apr-11  10.0M)
     Reference (28-Apr-11)
Megha Shanbhag TE Connectivity
Experimental Backplane Test Fixture
     All Files (20-May-11  22.2M)
     Reference (20-May-11  43k) 
Pravin Patel IBM
Alternate Backplane Architectures
     All Files (14-July-11  8.7M)
     Reference-tracy_01a_0311.pdf- (17-Mar-11  73k) 
Megha Shanbhag TE Connectivity
Measured ATCA Backplane Channels
    All Files (01-Oct-11  17.4M)
    Reference-meier_01_1011.pdf- (01-Oct-11  384k) 
Wolfgang Meier
Armin Jacht
Emerson Network Power
1 Meter Backplane Channel
    All Files (09-Sep-11  6.0M)
    Reference- (09-Sep-11 277k) 
Pravin Patel IBM
Degraded 1m Channel
    All Files (25-Oct-11  940k)
    Reference-- (25-Oct-11  387k) 
Mike Dudek QLogic
1m Backplane Channel
    All Files (5-Nov-11  619k)
    Reference-- (5-Nov-11 132k) 
Vittal Balasubramanian FCI
1m Backplane Channel
    All Files (13-Mar-12  16.1M)
    Reference-- (13-Mar 12 1.4M) 
Mounir Meghelli IBM
Channel with 33 dB at 7GHz for KP4
   All Files (16-May-13, 527 kB)
   Reference (16-May-13, 152 kB)
Richard Mellitz Intel
1m Backplane Channels Using Standard and Embedded Capacitor Connectors
   Reference (11-Jul-13, 312 kB)
   All Files, standard (12-Jul-13, 5277 kB)
   All Files, embedded capacitor (12-Jul-13, 5280 kB)
Megha Shanbhag
Nathan Tracy
TE Connectivity
35dB High Loss FR4 Channel
   Reference (15-Jul-13, 210 kB)
   All Files (15-Jul-13, 3010 kB)
Richard Mellitz
Channels referred to in "802.3bj Channel Evaluation with COM"
   Reference (02-Sep-13, 971 kB)
   All Files (02-Sep-13, 2050 kB)
Beth Kochuparambil
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Copper Cable Related    
 Host to Module Link
     4 In Host Trace     (26-Jan 11, 3.9M)
     7 In Host Trace     (22-Mar 11, 3.9M)
     Reference                  (26-Jan 11,  150k)
Megha Shanbhag Tyco Electronics
 Full ZQSFP Cable Assembly, including host boards (10-Feb 11)
     3m: All (40M),
           P1_RX0, P1_RX1, P1_RX2, P1_RX3,
           P2_RX0, P2_RX1, P2_RX2, P2_RX3    
     5m: All (40M),
           P1_RX0, P1_RX1, P1_RX2, P1_RX3,
           P2_RX0, P2_RX1, P2_RX2, P2_RX3
     Calibration file (23-Feb 2-11  633k)
     Reference (6-Jan-11 1.2M)  
Mark Bugg Molex
802.3ba compliant QSFP cable assembly channel for purpose of establishing baseline noise impairments beyond those currently specified in 802.3ba.  This channel has insufficient bandwidth to be considered for 25 Gb/s NRZ to 5 meters.

     All Files (15-Apr-11  85.8M)
          1M QSFP- 30AWG (15-Apr-11  24.9M)
          3M QSFP- 30AWG (15-Apr-11  31.6M)
          5M QSFP- 26AWG (15-Apr-11  29.3M)
          Readme file (15-Apr-11  8k)
     Reference (15-Apr-11)

Chris DiMinico MC Communications
LEONI Cables & Systems
Variable Lengths Cable Data (20-May-11, 199M) Mark Bugg Molex
Submitted 100Gb/s Copper Cable Channels
     Cable A (11-Mar-12, 40M)
     Cable B (11-Mar-12, 40M)

    Reference (11-Mar-12, 1.3M)
Mark Bugg Molex
Submitted Worst Case Cable S-Parameters (18-Jan-13, 39M)
Mark Bugg Molex
QSFP 5 m 24AWG Cable Assembly
 (16-Jan-14, 27.4M)
Megha Shanbhag TE Connectivity

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