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November 4-5, 2014
San Antonio, Texas

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George Zimmerman CME Consulting
Liaisons and Communications

TR42-2015-02-003 Outgoing Category 8 Liaison to IEEE 802 3.pdf


25N2357_LiaisonRep_toIEEE802 3on11801-9901.pdf


Title Post Date Presenter  Affiliation
Presentations Supporting Comments      

802.3bq D1.0 Comment#2

1-Nov-2014 Chris DiMinico MC Communications, Panduit
Cabling Transmission Parameters 1-Nov-2014 Wayne Larsen  Commscope
RS code scheme to protect "un-coded" bits at 40GBASE-T 1-Nov-2014 Phil Sun, Peter Wu, Zhenyu Liu, William Lo Marvell
PHY Initiated Departure From LPI 1-Nov-2014 Jim Graba Broadcom
Effect of Interface Geometry on Transverse Conversion Loss For 40GbE connectivity Test Data and Information 5-Nov-2014 Yakov Beloposky,
Rich Marowsky
Bel Stewart
Bel Stewart
Updated Test Data for Channels based on Proposed Category 8.2 Connectivity IEC 61076-3- ARJ45 5-Nov-2014 Yakov Beloposky, Rich Marowsky Bel Stewart
Bel Stewart
Shielding Characteristics of Some Ethernet Channels Under Radiated-Immunity Test Conditions: Method and Initial Results 1-Nov-2014 Neven Pischl Broadcom
Induced Common Mode Voltages on Shielded Twisted Pair Cabling 5-Nov-2014 Pete Cibula Intel


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