IEEE P802.3ca 50G-EPON Task Force

Meeting Materials

July 11-13, 2017
Berlin, Germany
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16MB | 21-Jul-2017 13:44:49 EDT
Agenda, Minutes, Administrative Matters
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Meeting agenda agenda_3ca_1_0717.pdf
34KB | 10-Jul-2017 13:37:57 EDT
General Information and Opening Remarks Curtis Knittle CableLabs tf_opening_3ca_1_0717.pdf
1.7MB | 11-Jul-2017 15:06:42 EDT
Approved Minutes of the May 2017 meeting Duane Remein Huawei minutes_approved_3ca_0517.pdf
160KB | 19-Jun-2017 19:31:53 EDT
Comments on convergence, wavelength plans, and ongoing communications (Liaison Statement) Frank Effenberger
Junichi Kani
ITU-T SG15 SG15-LS27.pdf
23KB | 7-Jul-2017 19:13:21 EDT
Draft response to ITU-T SG15 LS27 Ed Walter AT&T draft_response_to_sg15_3ca_0717.pdf
24KB | 13-Jul-2017 18:39:30 EDT
Chair's Closing Report Curtis Knittle CableLabs tf_closing_3ca_1_0717.pdf
217KB | 18-Jul-2017 10:32:27 EDT
Unapproved Minutes of July 2017 meeting Duane Remein Huawei minutes_unapproved_3ca_0717.pdf
160KB | 21-Jul-2017 13:44:17 EDT
Comments on 802.3ca Draft
# Title File
Received comments against D0.4 802d3ca_D0_4_received.pdf
136KB | 5-Jul-2017 19:23:07 EDT
Editor's proposed responses 802d3ca_D0_4_proposed.pdf
142KB | 5-Jul-2017 19:23:00 EDT
Resolved comments against D0.4
Technical Contributions
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
SOA Gain Control at OLT Daisuke Umeda Sumitomo Electric Industries, LTD. umeda_3ca_1_0717.pdf
1.3MB | 5-Jul-2017 19:17:42 EDT
Compensation of Channel Insertion Loss at ONU Daisuke Umeda Sumitomo Electric Industries, LTD. umeda_3ca_2a_0717.pdf
321KB | 11-Jul-2017 15:12:41 EDT
Call for collaboration between IEEE 802.3ca and ITU Q2 for PON convergence Wang Bo China Telecom wangbo_3ca_1_0717.pdf
577KB | 5-Jul-2017 19:50:18 EDT
Reconsiderations on 50G and 100G EPON Wang Bo China Telecom wangbo_3ca_2_0717.pdf
1.2MB | 5-Jul-2017 19:17:58 EDT
Experiment Results on 25G CDR locking for 25G NRZ v2 Jin Yinrong Huawei Technologies jinyinrong_3ca_1_0717.pdf
750KB | 6-Jul-2017 13:56:03 EDT
Specifying 25G EPON OLT receiver sensitivity for PR30 - avoiding SOAs Ed Harstead Nokia harstead_3ca_2c_0717.pdf
486KB | 11-Jul-2017 15:12:32 EDT
FEC proposal - update Mark Laubach Broadcom Ltd. laubach_3ca_1_0717.pdf
1.0MB | 5-Jul-2017 19:18:58 EDT
Discussion of Simplified Plan EO John Johnson Broadcom Ltd. johnson_3ca_1_0717.pdf
335KB | 5-Jul-2017 19:19:37 EDT
Wavelength plan options Frank Effenberger Huawei Technologies effenberger_3ca_1_0717.pdf
422KB | 5-Jul-2017 19:19:45 EDT
The Needs of Asymmetric 25G Rate for 100G EPON - And the impacts on wavelength plan Eugene Dai Cox Communications dai_3ca_1a_0717.pdf
471KB | 9-Jul-2017 20:33:53 EDT
GATE/REPORT Behavior Duane Remein Huawei Technologies remein_3ca_1_0717.pdf
505KB | 5-Jul-2017 19:20:04 EDT
MPCP+ GATE processing Duane Remein Huawei Technologies remein_3ca_2_0717.pdf
318KB | 5-Jul-2017 19:20:09 EDT
Error characteristic and test in XGPON system (Ber=1e-2) Jing Lei Huawei Technologies jinglei_3ca_1_0717.pdf
521KB | 5-Jul-2017 19:20:18 EDT
Views on a two-option wavelength plan Ed Harstead Nokia harstead_3ca_1_0717.pdf
250KB | 5-Jul-2017 19:20:25 EDT
Channel capability report during registration for 100G-EPON Dan Geng ZTE Corporation geng_3ca_1_0717.pdf
563KB | 5-Jul-2017 19:20:31 EDT
Post-deadline Presentations
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
Mitigation of cross-gain modulation in OLT booster amplifier Hanhyub Lee ETRI lee_3ca_1b_0717.pdf
1.3MB | 11-Jul-2017 15:12:47 EDT
Optical source and FEC code for 25G-EPON Hanhyub Lee ETRI lee_3ca_3_0717.pdf
1.0MB | 7-Jul-2017 19:06:38 EDT
Progress Report on Envelope Header and Bonding Duane Remein Huawei Technologies remein_3ca_3_0717.pdf
405KB | 7-Jul-2017 19:06:14 EDT
FEC Analysis for 100G EPON Jin Yinrong Huawei Technologies jinyinrong_3ca_2b_0717.pdf
474KB | 9-Jul-2017 20:30:28 EDT
100G EPON Wavelength Plan - Back to Fundamentals Eugene Dai Cox Communications dai_3ca_2a_0717.pdf
807KB | 9-Jul-2017 20:36:48 EDT
Reducing input dynamic range of SOA-preamplifier for 100G-EPON upstream Hanhyub Lee ETRI lee_3ca_2a_0717.pdf
941KB | 10-Jul-2017 13:39:06 EDT
25Gbps PMA for PON Ryan Hirth Broadcom Ltd. hirth_3ca_1a_0717.pdf
891KB | 13-Jul-2017 18:35:06 EDT
Submissions from the floor
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
25G EPON upstream Power Budget Analysis Dekun Liu Huawei Technologies liu_3ca_1_0717.pdf
290KB | 12-Jul-2017 15:20:34 EDT
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