IEEE 802.3 Higher Speed Study Group

IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD Interim Meeting
Knoxville, TN, USA
18-21 September, 2006

Presentation Materials

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Agenda, Minutes, and General Information
      Meeting Agenda agenda_01_0906.pdf
      Meeting Minutes (Approved) minutes_01_0906_approved.pdf
      Discussions discussion_01_0906.pdf
1 Brad Booth AMCC 802.3 Standards Development Lessons Learned booth_01_0906.pdf(556KB)
2 Howard Frazier Broadcom Review of the Five Criteria frazier_02_0906.pdf(193KB)
3 David Law 3Com Overview of 10G Ethernet Family law_01_0906.pdf(35KB)
4 Mike Bennett LBNL Surveying the Industry For a Higher Speed Ethernet bennett_02_0906.pdf(262KB)
5 Mike Bennett LBNL Higher Speed Ethernet An End User's Perspective bennett_01_0906.pdf(819KB)
6 Henk Steenman AMS-IX End user perspective on Higher speed Ethernet steenman_01_0906.pdf(963KB)
7 Peter Schoemaker NTT Ethernet in the Network Service Provider schoenmaker_01_0906.pdf(316KB)
8 Alessandro Barbieri Cisco Market Drivers for 100 Gigabit Ethernet barbieri_01_0906.pdf(438KB)
9 Mark Nowell, Gary Nicholl Cisco 802.3 Higher Speed Study Group Objectives and Work Areas nowell_01_0906.pdf(366KB)
10 Pete Tomaszewski Force10 Objectives for HSSG tomaszewski_01_0906.pdf(1.25MB)
11 Drew Perkins Infinera The Next Rate for a Higher Speed Ethernet perkins_01_0906.pdf(123KB)
12 Howard Frazier, Pat Thaler,
Ali Ghiasi, Howard Baumer

Physical Layer Aggregation frazier_01_0906.pdf(117KB)
David Law 3Com
13 Drew Perkins Infinera MultiPHY Ethernet perkins_02_0906.pdf(152KB)
14 Shinji Nishimura, Hidehiro Toyoda, Masato Shishikura Hitachi Proposal of PMD architectures for HSSG nishimura_01_0906.pdf(67KB)
15 Chris Cole Finisar WDM alternatives for 100Gb SMF applications cole_01_0906.pdf(224KB)
16 Marcus Duelk, Stephen Trowbridge Lucent Serial PHY for Higher-Speed Ethernet duelk_01_0906.pdf(556KB)
17 Marteen Vissers Alcatel Transport Ethernet Interfaces 1.5 Mbit/s to 10 Tbit/s vissers_01_0906.pdf(80KB)
18 Stephen Trowbridge Lucent Considerations for multi-lane implementations of higher rate Ethernet interfaces trowbridge_01_0906.pdf(168KB)
19 Paul Kolesar Systimax Data Center Fiber Cabling Topologies and Lengths kolesar_01_0906.pdf(363KB)
20 Menachem Abraham Columbus Advisers Objectives Proposal abraham_01_0906.pdf
21 Roger Merel Luxtera Implementation Considerations merel_01_0906.pdf
22 Drew Perkins Infinera Dispersion and Skew perkins_03_0906.pdf

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