IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile Task Force

IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile Task Force - January, 2002 Presentation Materials
# Name Company/Organization Presentation Title File email
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MEETING MINUTES November, 2001 Meeting Minutes minutes_11_2001.pdf
MEETING MINUTES January, 2002 Meeting Minutes minutes_01_2002.pdf
1 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems Agenda and General Information agenda_1_0102.pdf
2 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems PAR and 5 Criteria par_1_0701.pdf
3 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems EFM TF Objectives (beginning of meeting) objectives_1_0102.pdf
4 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems EFM TF Objectives (end of meeting) objectives_2_0102.pdf
5 Gerry Pesavento Alloptic EPON work plan pesavento_1_0102.pdf
6 Vipul Bhatt Finisar Optical PMD work plan bhatt_1_0102.pdf
7 Hugh Barrass Cisco Systems Copper PMD work plan barrass_1_0102.pdf
8 Matt Squire Hatteras Networks OAM work plan squire_2_0102.pdf
Liaison Letters
9 ITU-T SG 15 Liaison Letter ITU_SG15-Q4_15.pdf
10 ITU-T SG 15 Liaison Letter Response ITU-TSG15LiaisonResponse.pdf
Presentations Related to OAM
11 Matt Squire Hatteras Networks OAM Scope and Requirements squire_1_0102.pdfi
12 Dan Romascanu Avaya Security Aspects of the OAM Protocol romascanu_1_0102.pdf
13 Bob Barrett Fiber in the Loop Loopback and Status Indication barrett_1_0102.pdf
14 Hiroshi Suzuki Cisco Systems EFM OAM on Preamble suzuki_2_0102.pdf
15 Hiroshi Suzuki Cisco Systems Ethernet Preamble Transparency for OAM suzuki_3_0102.pdf
16 Denny Gentry Dominet Systems OAM in Frames gentry_1_0102.pdf
17 Kevin Daines World Wide Packets Comparing OAM Transport Options daines_1_0102.pdf
Presentations Related to EPON
18 Gerry Pesavento Alloptic EPON work plan pesavento_1_0102.pdf
19 Ariel Maislos Passave MPCP State of the Art maislos_1_0102.pdf
20 Onn Haran Passave MPCP Message Formats haran_1_0102.pdf
21 Ryan Hirth Terawave MPCP Frame Format hirth_1_0102.pdf
22 Vincent Bemmel Alloptic MPCP With Multi-cycle grants bemmel_1_0102.pdf
23 Onn Haran Passave MPCP Auto Discovery haran_2_0102.pdf
24 Ajay Gummalla Broadcom EPON Compliance Architecture gummalla_1_0102.pdf
25 Hiroshi Suzuki Cisco Systems P2P and Shared Media Emulation suzuki_1_0102.pdf
Presentations Related to Optical PMD
26 Vipul Bhatt   PMD Key Issues bhatt_1_0102.pdf
27 Lior Khermosh Passave FEC Framing in EFM khermosh_1_0102.pdf
28 Lior Khermosh Passave FEC Cost Effectiveness for EFM khermosh_2_0102.pdf
29 Meir Bartur Zonu MPN Theory - Predictions vx Measurements bartur_1_0102.pdf
30 Lisa Peng Corning Gigabit PON Upstream Transmission peng_1_0102.pdf
31 Hans Mickelsson Ericsson Research Loop Lengths and Architecture mickelsson_1_0102.pdf
32 Ulf Jonsson Ericsson 100BASE-X over SMF 5 Criteria jonsson_1_0102.pdf
33 Koichiro Seto Hitachi Cable Bidirectional 125 Mbps PMD for FTTH seto_1_0102.pdf
34 Yasushi Kida Sumitomo Electric Mutlivendor Environment for 100 Mbps Optical kida_1_0102.pdf
35 Hans Mickelsson Ericsson Research Single or Dual Fiber for EFM mickelsson_2_0102.pdf
36 David Piehler Harmonic WDM Video Overlays piehler_1_0102.pdf
37 Thomas Murphy Infineon Definition of Downstream wavelength bands murphy_1_0102.pdf
38 Thomas Murphy Infineon An Optimized PMD for Single Fibre P2P murphy_2_0102.pdf
Presentations Related to Copper
38 Hugh Barrass Cisco Systems Copper Recap barrass_1_0102.pdf
39 Marc Kimpe Adtran xDSL PHY Baseline Proposal kimpe_1_0102.pdf
40 Stephen Haas Infineon PHY Baseline proposal for EFM copper haas_1_0102.pdf
41 Michael Beck Alcatel Ethernet over xDSL - Complete Proposal beck_1_0102.pdf
42 Behrooz Rezvani Ikanos Optimal EFM System rezvani_1_0102.pdf
43 Stephen Haas Infineon VDSL PHY for EFM copper haas_2_0102.pdf
44 Patrick Stanley Elastic Networks 100BASE-CU Dual Mode Proposal stanley_1_0102.pdf
45 Tom Starr SBC Proposed Copper EFM Objectives starr_1_0102.pdf
46 Patrick Stanley Elastic Networks Rate vs Reach of Duplexing Options stanley_2_0102.pdf
47 Scott Simon Cisco Systems Ethernet and PMD Control simon_1_0102.pdf
48 Arthur Marris Tality MAC-PHY Rate Adaptation Proposal marris_1_0102.pdf
49 Ran Soffer Metalink Flow Control Problems soffer_1_0102.pdf
50 Klaus Fosmark FirstMile Systems Loop Aggregation Baseline fosmark_1_0102.pdf
51 Vladimir Oksman Broadcom Loop Aggregation - Improving the Efficiency oksman_1_0102.pdf
52 Behrooz Rezvani Ikanos Multi-PHY Operation rezvani_2_0102.pdf