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Re: [802SEC] It doesn't have to be either or

I have a point to make with regard to the survey.  Several times it has
been said that the survey shows that our members have told us they won't
go to Rome.  A variety of reasons have been asserted for this
conclusion, the most frequent being the higher cost of that venue.  

My problem with this "conclusion" is that the survey data do not support
it, in any way that you might interpret that data.  The survey asked the
members to choose between Vancouver and Rome.  The members did.  The
survey did not ask the follow-up question of "with these prices, would
you go to Rome, anyway?" or even "Would you go to Rome at these

Absent an answer to that question, any conclusion that our members have
rejected going to Rome is only an assertion by the speaker and not
supported by any data that we have gathered.


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