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Re: [802SEC] Proposed press release for formation of 802.24


On 1610//12 7:34 PM, Pat Thaler wrote:

We don't have a process for general public communications. Look at the OM. We have procedures for sending liaisons to standards or governmental bodies: Clause 8 of the OM. It doesn't specify a procedure for having a standing approved TAG or Working Group communication to the world such as a report or a presentation.

Precendent proves you wrong here without regard to what's in the OM. The EC processes communications for the general public quite frequently. They are called press releases and we consider and takes votes to approve them all of the time. Perhaps any "white paper" should be subject to running the same gauntlet. that would (at least) adhere to precedent but it seems like a bad idea. We also do have precedents from both 802.18 RR TAG for documents that are for "public communication". What could be more public than stating our position to government and quasi-government regulatory agencies? Further, the 802.3 Bandwidth Assessment Study Group developed and put forth what is essentially a market assessment white paper.

I would say that the fact that the chair of 802.18 has been picked up by the SA to be the SA Liaison to the ITU is, effectively, an SA endorsement of our process

Whether or not we have an appropriate process for this situation and whether or not it needs to be in the OM is a matter for further discussion, but your assertion is incorrect.


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