IEEE 802.3 NG-EPON Study Group

IEEE 802.3 Interim Meeting
Bonita Springs, FL
14-15 September, 2015

Presentation Materials

# Presenter Company Presentation Title File
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Agenda, Minutes, and General Information
1 Curtis Knittle CableLabs Meeting Agenda ngepon_1509_agenda_v2.pdf
2 Curtis Knittle CableLabs Agenda and General Information ngepon_1509_opening_1.pdf
3 SG-approved CSD ngepon_1509_remein_1b.pdf
4 SG-approved PAR ngepon_1509_par.pdf
5 SG-approved Objectives ngepon_1509_objectives.pdf
6 Motions ngepon_1509_motions.pdf
7 Duane Remein Huawei September 2015 Meeting Minutes (Unapproved) ngepon_1509_minutes_unapproved.pdf
Presentation Materials
1 Marek Hajduczenia Bright House Networks The Need For Higher Speed ngepon_1509_hajduczenia_1.pdf
2 Ed Harstead Alcatel-Lucent 25G TDM PON overview ngepon_1509_harstead_1a.pdf
3 Yuan Liquan ZTE NG_EPON Coexistence Considerations ngepon_1509_yuan_1.pdf
4 Marek Hajduczenia Bright House Networks WDM Coexistence For 1G/10G/NG-EPON ngepon_1509_hajduczenia_2.pdf
5 Phil Miguelez Comcast NG-EPON Wavelength Planning Considerations ngepon_1509_miguelez_1.pdf
6 Eugene Dai Cox Communicatons Next Generaton EPON Objectves: Rate and Co-existence ngepon_1509_dai_1a.pdf
7 Eugene Dai Cox Communicatons Next Generaton EPON Objectves: Rate and extensibility ngepon_1509_dai_2a.pdf
8 Marek Hajduczenia Bright House Networks NG-EPON Aarchitecture - Initial Thoughts ngepon_1509_hajduczenia_3.pdf
9 Objectives Discussion ngepon_1509_objectives_r08.pptx
10 Duane Remein Huawei NG-EPON CSD Proposal ngepon_1509_remein_1.pdf
11 Duane Remein Huawei Project Scope & Purpose ngepon_1509_remein_2.pptx
12 Jorge Salinger Comcast Past, Present and Future Access Network Infrastructure Capacity Requirements for NG-EPON ngepon_1509_salinger_1.pdf
13 Akio Tajima NEC Corporation Consideration of "NG-EPON and Legacy EPON Coexistence" ngepon_1509_tajima_1.pdf
Material submitted after deadline or from the floor

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