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Meeting Materials for:
Interim Meeting
Week of May 21-25, 2018
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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General Information

Agenda 24-May-2018 Beth Kochuparambil Cisco
Approved Minutes 31-May-2018 Kent Lusted Intel

Contributed Presentations

Next Steps towards Baselines 22-May-2018 Kent Lusted Intel
Channel Specifications for 802.3ck - Challenges and Possible Paths 18-May-2018 Adee Ran Intel
Short Host Channel System Implications 24-May-2018 Rob Stone Broadcom
C2M AUI and Cu MDI Options 24-May-2018 Ali Ghiasi Ghiasi Quantum
100GEL C2M Channel Reach Options & System Design Impacts 24-May-2018 Jane Lim
Pirooz Tooyserkani
Upen Reddy Kareti
Joel Goergen
Marco Mazzini
Copper cabling requirements for 100 Gb/s lane 22-May-2018 David Malicoat Malicoat Networking Solutions & Aquantia
Test Results for Balanced Equalization Architectures 18-May-2018 Jeff Twombly
Phil Sun
Consideration on 100Gb/s C2M SerDes Equalizer 24-May-2018 Hiroki Miyaoka
Toshiaki Sakai
A possible receiver architecture and preliminary COM Analysis with 802.3 100GEL Channels 18-May-2018 Mike Li
Hsinho Wu
Masashi Shimanouchi
Adee Ran
100GEL C2M Flyover Host (TP0 to TP2) Channels 18-May-2018 Rich Mellitz Samtec
A correlation study between COM refference Pkg and physical PKG 18-May-2018 >Jacov Brener
Liav Ben Artsi
Using Chiplets to Lower Package Loss 18-May-2018 Brian Holden Kandou
PCS, FEC, and PMA Sublayer Baseline Propossal 18-May-2018 Mark Gustlin
Gary Nicholl
Dave Ofelt
Jeff Slavick

Late Contributions

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