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IEEE 802.3 400 Gb/s Ethernet Study Group

 Plenary Meeting Material
July 16 - 18, 2013
Geneva, Switzerland

Meeting Materials

All Files
    18-Jul-13 (8.8M)

General Information

Agenda and General Information
    21-Jul-13 (341k)
John D'Ambrosia Dell
IEEE 802.3 Opening Plenary Report
     11-Jul-13 (75k)
John D'Ambrosia
IEEE 802.3 Closing Plenary Report
    18-Jul-13 (129k)
John D'Ambrosia
Logic Ad Hoc Update
     11-Jul-13 (80k)
Mark Gustlin Xilinx
Unapproved Meeting Minutes
     21-July-13 (91k)
Ghanni Abbas Ericcson

Liaisons & Communications

ITU-T SG 15 - Liaison
     16-Jul-13 (91k)
Proposed Liaison to ITA - Harmonizing Return Loss
     17-Jul-13 (111k)
     Update per Study Group Discussion
Vipul Bhatt
Proposed Informal Communication to IEEE 802.11
     17-Jul-13 (22k)
     Update per Study Group Discussion
John D'Ambrosia

Meeting Presentations

Proposed PAR
     26-Jun-13 (694k)
     Update per Study Group Discussion
John D'Ambrosia
David Law
Mark Nowell
EEE Overview and Proposal for an Objective
     17-Jul-13 (174k)
Wael Diab
Mike Bennett
400 Gb/s PCS Architectural options
     11-Jul-13 (139k)
Mark Gustlin
Gary Nicholl
Dave Ofelt
Thoughts on Objectives for SMF PMDs for 400GE Study Group
    11-Jul-13 (536k)
Xiaolu Song
Xinyuan Wang
Kai Cui
Xi Huang
Parallel SMF (PSM) in the Data Centre - End User Survey
    11-Jul-13 (85k)
Alan Flatman
Brad Booth
Harmonizing Connector Return Loss Specification
     16-Jul-13 (350k)
Vipul Bhatt Cisco
OTN Support: What is it and why is it important?
   11-Jul-13 (329k)
Steve Trowbridge Alcatel-Lucent
The REquirement Analysis of 400GE FEC for Gen1 PMDs
   11-Jul-13 (447k)
Suping Zhai
Wei Chen
Xiaolu Song
400GbE Lane Confugurations vs. FEC Options
    11-Jul-13 (142k)
Zhongfeng Wang
Ali Ghiasi
Scalable 400 GbE Architecture
    11-Jul-13 (569k)
Ali Ghiasi
Rishi Churg
Eric Baden
Zhongfeng Wang
Initial Thought about Modulation Format & FEC for "Long-reach" 400GbE
     12-Jul-13 (237k)
Riu Harai
Masashi Kono
Satoshi Tsutsumi
Hidehiro Toyoda
Nobuhiko Kikuchi
Considerations on Transmission Distance of 400GbE
     11-Jul-13 (565k)
Tomoo Takahara
Toshiki Tanaka
Masato Nishihara
Jens C. Rasmussen
400GE SMF Considerations
     12-Jul-13 (562k)
Zhao Wenyu
Zhang Haiyi
Tang Rui
Wu Qingwei
China Academy of Research (CATR)
End User Perspective on 400 Gb/s Ethernet
     16-Jul-13 (427k)
Arien Vijn AMS-IX
BER Objective for 400GE
     11-Jul-13 (121k)
David Ofelt
Gary Nicholl
Long Shelf-Life Electrical Interfaces
     11-Jul-13 (478k)
Jeff Maki Juniper
Backplane Channels Using Embedded Capacitor Connectors as an Enabler for 400GE 40" System Measurements
     16-Jul-13 (315k)

     Channel Data
       Reference (11-Jul-13, 312 kB)
       All Files, standard (12-Jul-13, 5277 kB)
       All Files, embedded capacitor (12-Jul13, 5280 kB)
Nathan Tracy TE Connectivity
Musings on FEC Objective for 400 Gb/s Ethernet
     11-Jul-13 (178k)
Gary Nicholl Cisco
An Exploration of the Technical Feasibility of the Major technology Options for 400GE Backplanes
     11-Jul-13 (254k)
Brian Holden Kandou Bus
400G: Physics, Economics, & Business
    17-Jul-13 (792k)
Randy Rannow APIC
MMF Capabilities for 400-Gigabit Ethernet and Beyond
     17-Jul-13 (138k)
Jack Jewell Independent / CommScope
Architecture and FEC
     11-Jul-13 (289k)
John D'Ambrosia
Time Synch
     15-Jul-13 (367k)
Michael Teener Broadcom
400G PMD Requirements for Broad Market Potential
     16-Jul-13 (363k)
Tom Palkert Luxtera
Representative Cloud Scale Data Center Design
     16-Jul-13 (560k)
Tom Issenhuth Microsoft
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