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IEEE P802.3bs 200 GbE & 400 GbE Task Force

 Interim Meeting Material
Sept 2016 Ft. Worth, TX, USA

Meeting Materials

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  15-Sep-16 (6.3M)

General Information

Agenda and General Information
  09-Sep-16 (308k)
John D'Ambrosia Futurewei, subsidiary of Huawei
Chief Editor's Opening
   11-Sep-16 (72k)
Pete Anslow Ciena
Chief Editor's Closing Report
  15-Sep-16 (242k)
Pete Anslow Ciena
SMF Ad Hoc
  07-Sep-16 (16k)
Pete Anslow Ciena
Electrical Interface Ad hoc
  07-Sep-16 (226k)
Andre Szczepanek InPhi
Logic Track Closing Report
  13-Sept-2016 (68k)
Mark Gustlin Xilinx
Optical Track Closing Report 
  13-Sept-2016 (60k)
Pete Anslow Ciena
Electrical Track Closing Report
  13-Sept-2016 (24k)   
Andre Szczepanek InPhi
Approved Meeting Minutes
    16-Nov-16 (258k)
John D'Ambrosia Futurewei, subsidiary of Huawei

Liaisons & Communications


Meeting Presentations

Comments #13 and #14: Figures 119-5 and 119-6
   07-Sept-16 (72k)
Pete Anslow Ciena
Comment #33: 200GAUI-4 and 400GAUI-8 host output eye requirements
   07-Sept-16 (506k)
Adam Healey Broadcom
Comment #40 - Analysis of SER degradation parameters
   13-Sept-16 (366k)
Adee Ran Intel
Comment #44- Link health reporting
   13-Sept-16 (181k)
Adee Ran Intel
Comment # 67: AM Lock SM Changes
   07-Sept-16 (190k)
Pete Anslow
Mark Gustlin
Jeff Slavick
Phil Sun
Comment #74: TDECQ review
  09-Sept-16 (170k)
Jonathan King Finisar
Comment #86: MCB/HCB Crosstalk
  28-Sept-16 (512k)
Ali Ghiasi Ghiasi Quantum LLC
Comment #99: Supporting Material
  07-Sept-16 (671k)
Jeff Slavick Broadcom
Comment #105: Supporting Material
  07-Sept-16 (809k)
Jeff Slavick Broadcom
Comment #112: 400GBASE-DR4 link budget
  07-Sept-16 (127k)
Jonathan King Finisar
Comments 126, 127: Jitter Measurement and patterns for chip-to-module 200GAUI-4 and 400GAUI-8
  07-Sept-16 (266k)
Piers Dawe Mellanox
Comments 531-536: Supporting material clarifying comments against PCS Transmit bit ordering
  07-Sept-16 (217k)
Gary Nicholl Cisco
Comment #552: Recommended PRBS31Q pattern
  07-Sept-16 (601k)
Tom Palkert
Atul Gupta
Adding wideband MMF to 400GBASE-SR16
  07-Sept-16 (387k)
Jonathan King Finisar

Late Presentations

Comment #24: Improving SNDR Measurements
  11-Sept-16 (506k)
Adam Healey Broadcom
Modification to gustlin_3bs_01_0916 – Follows Figure 82-13 (Alignment marker lock state diagram)
  13-Sept-16 (155k)
Adrian Butter Global Foundries
Proposed 120D_3_1 rearrangements to address Comments 23, 24 & 564 (Original Proposal by Adam Healey, Broadcom - updated per discussion in Electrical Track)
  13-Sept-16 (115k)
Andre Szczepanek InPhi
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