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Filename Ver Author Title
july_agenda_07.xls 6 Mike Takefman Current agenda
mlt_admin_01.pdf 1 Mike Takefman Administrivia Slides
mlt_network_01.pdf 1 Mike Takefman Networking proposal for 802.17
minutes_051401_02.pdf 2 B.J. Lee, M. O'Connor Minutes from last meeting (May) for review and approval
minutes_071301_d01.pdf 2 B.J. Lee, M. O'Connor Minutes from this meeting (July) preliminary
bs_prop_01.pdf 1 Bob Sultan Proposal for Portland
DraftTemplateOverview.pdf 1 David James Overview of Draft Standard for IEEE Template
DraftTemplate.doc 1 David James Draft Standard for IEEE Template 1 John Hawkins Zip file of all presentations below.
Presentation Documents
Filename Ver Author Title Filenumber
am_voqmdl_02.pdf 2 Adisak Mekkittikul VoQ Model of RPR MAC 802-17-01-00030
aph_iporpr_01.pdf 1 Albert Herrera IPoRPR Requirements 802-17-01-00002
atf_oamp_01.pdf 1 Angela T Faber Performance Monitoring (OAM&P) 802-17-01-00041
bbj_linkag_01.pdf 1 Bruce Johnson The Importance of Link Aggregation 802-17-01-00036
bdh_adp_01.pdf 1 Brian Holden Automatic Topology Discovery Protocol 802-17-01-00007
bjl_inter_02.pdf 2 B.J. Lee Issues and Requirements for RPR Interconnection 802-17-01-00031
bs_terms_04.pdf 4 Bob Sultan Terms and Definitions Adhoc 802-17-01-00042
cch_opeprf_01.pdf 1 Changcheng Huang Performance Study of Nortel OPE-RPR (II) 802-17-01-00023
dg_pathmtu_01.pdf 1 Denton Gentry Path MTU Discovery Protocol 802-17-01-00025
dr_ethmib_01.pdf 1 Dan Romascanu Ethernet MIB Standards Update 802-17-01-00038
dr_subip_01.pdf 1 Dan Romascanu IETF Sub-IP Area 802-17-01-00039
dvj_interop_02.pdf 2 David James Interoperable Features: CRC checking, cut-through, preemption 802-17-01-00011
dxie_phase1_01.pdf 1 Donghui Xie RPR MAC Delay Metric and SRP Phase One Simulation 802-17-01-00043
fo_rprwdm_02.pdf 2 Fredrik Orava Scaling RPR with WDM and multiple rings: one control plane multiple transit paths 802-17-01-00027
ft_rprmsg_01.pdf 1 Frederic Thepot Topology Discovery, boot process and active RPR messages on the rings 802-17-01-00028
ga_tbrdg_01.pdf 1 Gunes Aybay Transparent Bridging Over RPR 802-17-01-00003
glm_primap_01.pdf 1 Gal Mor Mapping Types of Service to RPR Priorities 802-17-01-00013
gs_hier_02.pdf 2 George Suwala Protection Hierarchy, Wrapping,Steering and Topology Discovery 802-17-01-00014
hp_arch_01.pdf 1 Harry Peng Architecture and Analysis 802-17-01-00034
hp_brdg_01.pdf 1 Harry Peng Bridging Comments 802-17-01-00035
hp_size_02.pdf 2 Harry Peng, Steve Wood Ring Size Study 802-17-01-00018
ib_oamp_02.pdf 2 Italo Busi OAM&P Requirements for RPR 802-17-01-00009
ib_rprsdh_02.pdf 2 Italo Busi Mapping of RPR over SDH 802-17-01-00008
jal_topo_01.pdf 1 John Lemon Proposed Topology Discovery Algorithm 802-17-01-00040
jfm_draft_01.pdf 1 Jim Mollenauer Proposed Outline for the Standard 802-17-01-00010
jfm_stdline_03.pdf 3 Jim Mollenauer Proposed Outline for the Standard 802-17-01-00010
kp_sla_02.pdf 2 Krishna Pattabhiraman SLA Delivery over RPR 802-17-01-00045
kv_prop_01.pdf 1 Kanaiya Vasani & John Hawkins A Proposal for a standard 802-17-01-00026
lbr_swisad_01.pdf 1 Leon Bruckman SWIS advantages 802-17-01-00012
lbr_swisdoc_01.doc 1 Leon Bruckman Selecive Wrap-Independent Steer (SWIS)Draft 802-17-01-00012_
mk_rr_01.pdf 1 Michael Kelsen Road Runner Deployment of SRP 802-17-01-00048
mlt_gap_02.pdf 2 Michael Takefman Gap Analysis of Objectives 802-17-01-00019
nrs_ndidfa_02.pdf 2 Nirmal Saxena RPR MAC Address-Node Id Binding and Fairness Algorithm 802-17-01-00022
nu_crate_03.pdf 3 Necdet Uzun Committed Rate Service Support 802-17-01-00020
nu_efa_01.pdf 1 Necdet Uzun Enhanced Fairness Algorithm 802-17-01-00005
nu_plug_01.pdf 1 Necdet Uzun Plug and Play Operation 802-17-01-00004
pkj_bwmgt_02.pdf 2 Pankaj Jha BW Management on ring spans 802-17-01-00032
pkj_topwte_01.pdf 1 Pankaj Jha Ring Topology Determination with traffic engineering 802-17-01-00033
py_PhaseI.pdf 1 Pinar Yilmaz & Necdet Uzum Phase I Simulation Results 802-17-01-00046
sa_ipdiff_02.pdf 2 Siamack Ayandeh Ip Differentiated Services requirements for RPR 802-17-01-00006
sw_fair_02.pdf 2 Steve Wood Extending Nodal Fairness 802-17-01-00016
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