IEEE 802.3 Beyond 400 Gb/s Ethernet Study Group
 Mar 2021 Series

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     05-Apr-2021 (11.6M)
Agenda and General Information
     27-Feb-2021 (525k)
John D'Ambrosia Futurewei, U.S. Subsidiary of Huawei
Approved Minutes
     05-Apr-2021 (254k)
Tom Issenhuth
John D'Ambrosia
Futurewei, U.S. Subsidiary of Huawei

Presentations - 01 Mar 2021

Impact of Going Beyond 400G
     04-Mar-2021 (853k)
Brad Booth Microsoft
Requirement for Beyond 400 GbE
     05-Apr-2021 (1.9M)
Haojie Wang
Weiqiang Cheng
Ruibo Han
Wenying Jiang
China Mobile
Beyond 400 GbE Project Priorities for Data Center Networks
     31-Mar-2021 (340k)
Rob Stone Facebook
Defining the "Beyond 400 Gb/s Ethernet" Project
     26-Feb-2021 (564k)
John D'Ambrosia Futurewei, U.S. Subsidiary of Huawei

Presentations - 15 Mar 2021

BER objective for Beyond 400GbE
     17-Mar-2021 (1.1M)
Xinyuan Wang
Xiang He
Hao Ren
Considerations on 100m objectives for B400G
     17-Mar-2021 (120k)
Peter Stassar
Maxim Kuschnerov
Proposed Objectives for Parallel PMDs
     17-Mar-2021 (250k)
Robert Lingle
Mabud Choudhury
OTN support for Beyond 400 Gb/s Ethernet 
    17-Mar-2021 (220k)
Steve Trowbridge
Tom Huber
Straw Polls - 15 Mar
     17-Mar-2021 (103k)

Presentations - 22 Mar 2021

Categorization of 5 Criteria Responses
    21-Mar-2021 (254k)
Chris Cole II-VI
800GbE Optics Options
    21-Mar-2021 (647k)
Scott Schube Intel
PMA lane versus PCS frame FEC and the resulting impact on guaranteeing performance at transceiver module / host PCB interface 
     20-Mar-2021 (497k)
Jim Theodoras HG Genuine
Evolutionary path to B400G PMDs
     31-Mar-2021 (1,6M)
Ali Ghiasi Ghiasi Quantum LLC
Considerations on 200G per lane PAM Signaling
     22-Mar-2021 (1.7M)
Yuchun (Louis) Lu
Yan Zhuang

Presentations - 29 Mar 2021

On the Technical Feasibility of 200G/Lane Chip-to-Module
    27-Mar-2021 (880k)
Ilya Lyubomirsky
Ben Smith
Jennifer Wu
Jamal Riani
200G per Lane for beyond 400GbE
   30-Mar-2021 (663k)
Cedric Lam
Xiang zhou
Hong Liu
Optical PMD Considerations for 200G Lanes
    27-Mar-2021 (626k)
Vipul Bhatt II-VI
Feasibility of 200 Gb/s per lane electrical interfaces
    30-Mar-2021 (843k)
Adam Healey Broadcom

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