IEEE P802.3bq 40GBASE-T Task Force

Interim Meeting Material
September 9-10, 2014
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Meeting Materials - 6MB, 15-Sept-2014

General Information

Agenda and General Information

David Chalupsky

Unapproved Minutes

George Zimmerman CME Consulting
Liaisons and Communications

TR42-2014-10-101_Outgoing_Category_8_Liaison_to_IEEE_802 3


Comments on D0.8

Revised comments by clause  9-Sept-14


Consolidated comments by clause


Consolidate comments by commenter


40GBASE-T Link Segment Specifications

Chris DiMinico MC Communications

Comments on Draft D0.8

Wayne Larsen Commscope

Comments on IEEE 802.3bq D0.8

Alan Flatman LAN Technologies

Comments on Draft D0.8

Deiter Schicketanz Leoni Kerpen

Title Post Date Presenter  Affiliation
 Installation Practices for Screened Cabling 7-Sept-14 Alan Flatman LAN Technologies
802.3bq PHY Baseline Ad Hoc Report 8-Sept-14 George Zimmerman CME Consulting, Commscope, Aquantia
802.3bq Editor's Report 8-Sept-14 George Zimmerman CME Consulting, Commscope, Aquantia
40GBASE-T RJ45 ICM_rev2 7-Sept-14 Jerry Chiang, Roger Xu,
Anna An
Foxconn Interconnect Technology
Cabling Transmission Parameters 7-Sept-14 Wayne Larsen Commscope
MDI 7-Sept-14 Wayne Larsen Commscope
Equation Simplification 7-Sept-14 Wayne Larsen Commscope
PSNEXT/PSACRF Compromise Proposal 12-Sept-14 George Zimmerman CME Consulting, Commscope, Aquantia
25G-related content approved for consideration by the task force Sept 9, 2014      
25GBASE-T Considerations 9-Sept-2014 Bob Wagner Panduit
25G Objective  Modifications and Potential Path Forward 9-Sept-2014 David Chalupsky Intel


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