100 Gb/s Backplane and Copper Cable Task Force

Meeting Materials
May 14-16, 2013
Victoria, BC, Canada

Meeting Materials

All Files
    16-May-13 (5877 kB)

General Information

Approved minutes
    16-Jun-13 (110 kB)
Agenda and General Information
    14-May-13 (427 kB)
Adam Healey LSI Corporation
Chief Editor's Report
    13-May-13 (133 kB)
Matt Brown Applied Micro

Informal Communications

Proposed draft -- Informal communication to ITU-T Study Group 15
    15-May-13 (125 kB)
Steve Trowbridge Alcatel-Lucent


Options to fix fault in LPI Receive state diagram
    02-May-13 (112 kB)
Proposed changes to Figure 82-17
    02-May-13 (25 kB)
Proposed changes to Figure 82-16
    02-May-13 (22 kB)

Hugh Barrass Cisco Systems, Inc. [Comments 95, 96]
In Regards to Package Representation Comment Resolution
    14-May-13 (382 kB)

Liav Ben-Artsi Marvell Technology Group [Comments 101, 92, 172]
Cable Host Board representation
    15-May-13 (271 kB)

Liav Ben-Artsi Marvell Technology Group [Comment 188]
Frame error ratio definition
    10-May-13 (124 kB)

Matt Brown
Pete Anslow
Applied Micro
[Comment 42]
802.3bj 100GBASE-CR4 Comments D2
    15-May-13 (142 kB)

Chris DiMinico MC Communications [Comment 187]
Common Mode and Common Mode to Differential Conversion Specifications in P802.3bj Draft 2.0
    10-May-13 (326 kB)

Mike Dudek
Piers Dawe
[Comments 186, 187, 230, 236, 238]
802.3bj Draft 2.0 Copper Cable Specifications VS COM Simulations
    15-May-13 (2027 kB)

Mike Dudek
Barrett Bartell
QLogic [Comments 188]
Simplified AM Sync Up
    16-May-13 (104 kB)

Jerry Pepper
Mark Gustlin
[Comment 153]
Issues with sampling time and jitter in Annex 93A
    14-May-13 (1192 kB)

Adam Healey LSI Corporation [Comments 157, 158]
100GBASE-KP4 transitions to data mode
    10-May-13 (57 kB)

Kent Lusted
Bart Zeydel
Intel Corporation
Applied Micro
[Comments 64, 66]
Comment 72
    10-May-13 (13 kB)

Arthur Marris Cadence [Comment 72]
Tx Jitter specs for Clause 92 and by reference Clause 93
    10-May-13 (85 kB)

Charles Moore Avago Technologies [Comments 165, 223, 227, and 231]
COM based ITOL spec for 100GBASE_KR4
    16-May-13 (73 kB)

Charles Moore
Mike Dudek
Avago Technologies
[Comment 90]
Suggested changes to COM
    14-May-13 (277 kB)

Adee Ran Intel Corporation [Comments 73, 74, 80, 82, 103, 104]
Supporting Material for Comment #161
    10-May-13 (205 kB)

Jeff Slavick Avago Technologies [Comment 161]
OTN Mapping for P802.3bj and P802.3bm PMDs
    10-May-13 (443 kB)

Steve Trowbridge Alcatel-Lucent [Comments 110, 111, 112]

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