IEEE 802.16 Task Group a

IEEE 802.16a approved as IEEE standard on 29 January 2003 and published on 1 April 2003!

IEEE 802.16's Task Group a developed IEEE Standard 802.16a (see publication list), an amendment to IEEE Standard 802.16 ("Air Interface for Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems"). The amendment covers "Medium Access Control Modifications and Additional Physical Layer Specifications for 2-11 GHz." Both licensed and license-exempt bands are included.

Draft 7 of the specification (P802.16a/D7) completed IEEE Sponsor Ballot on 5 December 2002 and was forwarded for approval by the IEEE 802.16 Working Group and then the IEEE 802 Executive Committee. The draft was unanimously endorsed by RevCom on 21 January 2003. Final approval as IEEE Standard 802.16a was granted on 29 January 2003 by the IEEE-SA Standards Board.



The TGa Leadership Team is:

Brian Kiernan (Chair)
InterDigital Communications Corp.

Dean Chang (Secretary)
Aperto Networks

Nico Van Waes (Technical Editor)
Nokia Networks

John M. Liebetreu (former PHY Chair)
Intel Corporation

Ken Peirce (former MAC Chair)

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