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IEEE P802.3bs 200 GbE & 400 GbE Task Force

 Interim Meeting Material
Sept, 2015 Bonita Springs, FL, USA

Meeting Materials

All Files
   17-Sept-15 (9.7M)

General Information

Agenda and General Information
   14-Sept-15 (504k)
John D'Ambrosia Dell
Chief Editor's Report
    09-Sept-15 (39k)
Pete Anslow Ciena
Logic Ad Hoc Update
    09-Sept-15 (120k)
Mark Gustlin Xilinx
SMF Ad Hoc Update
    09-Sept-15 (17k)
Pete Anslow Ciena
Electrical Interface Ad Hoc Update
    09-Sept-15 (323k)
Andre Szczepanek InPhi
Approved Meeting Minutes
    12-Nov-15 (488k)
Kent Lusted Intel

Liaisons & Communications

OIF - Progress on OIF CEI-56G projects

Nathan Tracy TE Connectivity
Proposed Response to OIF CEI-56G projects Steve Trowbridge Alcatel-Lucent

Meeting Presentations

Project Timeline Assessment
   09-Sept-15 (239k)
John D'Ambrosia Dell
Thoughts for 400GbE FEC Architecture with Pre-interleave
   09-Sept-15 (979k)
Xinyuan Wang Huawei
2x200 FEC Architecture and Muxing
   09-Sept-15 (412k)
Eric Baden
Will Bliss
Zhongfeng Wang

Toward convergence of FEC Interleaving Schemes for 400GE
   09-Sept-15 (1M)
Zhongfeng Wang
Phil Sun
FEC Latency for Interleaved schemes.
   09-Sept-15 (205k)
Phil Sun Marvell
FEC codeword interleaving schemes
   09-Sept-15 (698k)
Pete Anslow Ciena
400GbE PCS 2-Way FEC Interleave
   09-Sept-15 (82k)
Pete Anslow
Eric Baden
Mark Gustlin
Gary Nicholl
Dave Ofelt
Phil Sun
Steve Trowbridge
Tongtong Wang
CDAUI-8 PAM4 Chip-to-Module (C2M) System Analysis #3
   14-Sept-15 (415k)
Ben Smith
Stephane Dallaire
CDAUI-8 chip-to-chip transmitter output jitter requirements
   09-Sept-15 (487k)
Adam Healey Avago Technologies
TX Differential Precoder Benefits for CDAUI-8 C2C
   17-Sept-15 (459k)
Raj Hegde
Magesh Valliappan
400 GbE: Discussion on skew variation and tolerance
   15-Sept-15 (513k)
Paul Brooks Viavi Solutions
PRQS Test Patterns for PAM4 
   09-Sept-15 (1.2M)
Illya Lyubomirsky Finisar
400GBASE-DR4 TP2 Observations
   15-Sept-15 (1.6M)
Brian Welch Luxtera
MPI Penalties for 400GBASE-FR8/LR8 Links
  14-Sept-15 (447k)
Winston Way
Trevor Chan
Transmitter and SRS test source metrics
   09-Sept-15 (111k)
Jonathan King Finisar
Options for CRU BW for 400 GbE PAM4 PMDs
   15-Sept-15 (630k)
Ali Ghiasi Ghiasi Quantum LLC
Chip-to-Module Mechanical Interfaces
   17-Sept-15 (159k)
Chris DiMinico MC Communications / Panduit / PHY-SI LLC
Comment Entry Tutorial
   14-Sept-15 (617k)
Adam Healey Avago Technologies
Considerations for oscilloscope measurements of electrical and optical PAM4 signals
   17-Sept-15 (431k)
Pavel Zivny
Greg LeCheminant
Jan Peters Weem
Keysight Technologies
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