100 Gb/s Backplane and Copper Cable Task Force

Co-located Interim / Plenary Meeting Material
Nov 7 - 10, 2011
Atlanta, GA , USA


Meeting Materials

All Files
     04-Apr 12 (17.8M)

General Information

Agenda and General Information
     12-Nov 11 (292k)

John D'Ambrosia Dell

Approved Minutes
     04-Apr 12 (297k)

Dave Chalupsky Intel

IEEE 802.3 Opening Plenary Report
     07-Nov 11 (93k)

John D'Ambrosia Dell

IEEE 802.3 Closing Plenary Report
     12-Nov 11 (85k)

John D'Ambrosia Dell
Liaisons and Communications

Liaison from OIF: MLG
     28-Oct 11

Proposed Informal Communication to PICMG
     3-Nov 11 (35k)
Modified per Task Force Discussion
     12-Nov 11 (35k)

Kent Lusted Intel

The Case for Legacy Channels
     12-Nov 11 (615k)

Kent Lusted
Dave Chalupsky

Intro to PICMG
     3-Nov 11 (1.1M)

Kent Lusted Intel

Blade Servers & The Relative Cost Impact of Materials
     7-Dec 11 (168k)

Bhavesh Patel
John D'Ambrosia

PAM-2 Broad Market Potential
     3-Nov 11  (364k)

Scott Kipp
Mike Dudek
Mike Li
Pravin Patel

PCB Technology Future Trend
     7-Nov 11 (516k)

Joe Beers
Dr. Karl Minten
Gold Circuit Electronics

Low Transmission Loss Multi-layer Material for High speed & High Frequency Application
     9-Nov 11 (973k)

Ted Tanabe Hitachi-Chemical

Channel Characteristics at 12.5 GHz
     5-Nov 11 (650k)

Vasu Parthasarathy
Howard Frazier

IEEE 802.3bj Twinaxial Cu cable assembly objective
     12-Nov 11 (252k)

Chris Di Minico MC Communications
Leoni Cables

Evaluation of Various Channels
     3-Nov 11 (103k)
     CSV Results, 3-Nov 11 (1k)

Charles Moore Avago

S/N comparison for NRZ and PAM4
     12-Nov 11 (133k)

Charles Moore Avago

Sensitivity to Timing Error Jitter for NRZ and PAM-4
     12-Nov 11 (1.3M)

William Bliss Broadcom

Line Signaling Performance Comparison  on 1m Improved FR4 Channel
     13-Mar 12 (1.4M)

Troy Beukema
Pravin Patel
Mounir Meghelli


A PAM-2 based solution for legacy backplane channels
     12-Nov 11 (304k)

Sanjay Kasturia
Hamid Rategh
Nima Ferdosi
Inphi PLX Technology
PLX Technology

Feasibility of PAM-2 on a 1 Meter Backplane Channel
     3-Nov 11 (132k)

Vittal Balasubramanian FCI

Analysis of 30dB Channel Using IBIS-AMI Models
     3-Nov 11 (532k)

Walter Katz SiSoft

Performance Analysis of PAM4 Receivers over Long Backplane Channels
     3-Nov 11 (540k)

Dariush Dabiri APM

Time-domain performance analysis for recently contributed channels using PAM-4 signaling
     12-Nov 11 (1.4M)

Adee Ran Intel

Output Voltage Proposal for PAM-4 Transmitter
     5-Nov 11 (438k)

Ziad Hatab Vitesse

EEE Support for 100 Gb/s
     3-Nov 11 (313k)

Mark Gustlin
Hugh Barrass

FEC Requirements for 100G Backplane
     3-Nov 11 (405k)

Phil Northcott PMC-Sierra

Transcoding and FEC Options and Trade-Offs for 100 Gb/s Backplane and Copper Cable
     3-Nov 11 (75k)

Roy Cideciyan
John Ewen

Performance Evaluation of Transcoding and FEC Schemes for 100 Gb/s Backplane and Copper Cable
     3-Nov 11 (178k)

Roy Cideciyan IBM

Further Studies of FEC Code for 100G-KR
     5-Nov 11 (372k)

Zhongfeng Wang
Hongtao Jiang
Chung-Jue Chen
Presentations - Common Time with Next Gen 100GbE Optics SG    

System OEM design guidelines for chip to module interfaces
     3-Nov 11 (1.3M)

Reference File 3-Nov 11 (582k)

Gary Nicholl Cisco

FEC architectural considerations
     7-Nov 11 (277k)

Mark Gustlin
John D'Ambrosia
Sudeep Bhoja

Channel Specifications Discussions
     3-Nov 11  (298k)

John D'Ambrosia
Joel Goergen
Adam Healey
Charles Moore

cPPI-4 Channel and Compliance Boards
     3-Nov 11 (174k)

Ali Ghiasi
Scott Sommers
Tom Palkert

Marrying Copper and Optical.
     7-Nov 11 (420k)

Mike Dudek
Chris Cole

MDI for 4x25G Copper and Fiber Optic I/O
     3-Nov 11 (159k)

Nathan Tracy
Tom Palkert
TE Connectivity

Active cables in a passive copper and optical module world
     3-Nov 11 (1.2M)

Tom Palkert Molex
Action Items

Dk & Df Algebraic Model v1.01
     5-Nov 11 (1.8M)

Spreadsheet 5-Nov 11 (150k)

For latest version see Tools (16-Dec-11)

Joel Goergen
Beth Kochuparambil

Late Presentations

Bringing Forward the Dk & Df Algebraic Model (v1.01)
     12-Nov 11 (268k)

Beth Kochuparambil Cisco

     12-Nov 11 (150k)

Mike Bennett LBNL

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